15-Piece Urban Emergency Kit

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15-Piece Urban Emergency Kit


This Urban Emergency Kit is packed full of tools and gear to help you get through an array of disasters. Below is everything included:

  • Black Modular Pouch: These 7"x5"x3" soft side kits are made from a durable nylon canvas with waterproof rubberized interior.  Various interior pockets and elastic webbing help to keep contents organized.  Velcro area on exterior allows for the attachment of ID patches. Each pouch has a carry handle and also 2 rows of modular webbing on front, 2 rows on sides, and 4 rows on back.

  • Apocabox Blackout Necker: Use this necker to cover the face, neck, and head in a variety of weather conditions. Helps also to keep away dust and toxic ash.

  • Zip cuffs: Whether for detaining a threat or building an urban shelter, these zip cuffs have a variety of uses.

  • Urban Kit patch: This cool velcro patch comes on the outside of the kit.

  • Latex gloves (1 pair): For first aid, hygiene or sanitation

  • Rat trap: An urban survivor has to eat and this trap can get you food if necessary. It can also be used to rig a discreet perimeter alarm.

  • Pen torch light: Light up dark buildings, streets, or tunnels to this incredibly bright LED torch.

  • Blackout dust mask (2 filters): This custom cloth dust mask with 2 replaceable filters can be a lifesaver in environments with airborne particulates such as toxic ash or pulverized concrete.

  • Epic wipe: This mega-sized wet wipe can be used to take a quick urban shower.

  • Zombie tinder candle: With hours of burn time, this pocket sized candle can be lit with just a spark and can be used for cooking small meals, adding a few degrees of warmth to small spaces, or simply saving battery life on your pen torch.

  • Can opener: This beefy can opener is perfect for popping bottle caps or cutting into canned goods.

  • Notebook: Use to take or leave notes. Can also be used as emergency tinder.

  • Mini pray bar: Perfect for prying up grates, windows, or even stubborn doors.

  • Survival Wallet Card: This wallet card is packed full of little snap-out metal survival implements such as arrow heads, fishing hooks, needles and more!

  • 10ft paracord hank: 10 feet of paracord has 100s of uses. Don’t forget that the 7 inner strands make this 10-foot hank actually 80-foot of usable cordage.

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