Paracord Accessories Implementation Kit

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Paracord Accessories Implementation Kit



A few months ago, we had an Every Day Carry themed APOCABOX. In that box was a Paracord Implementation Kit that included several of these items. We had a small box left over of each one so I decided to put together a limited number of kits for today’s Survival on the 7th promotion.

A video link will be included in your Order Confirmation Email where I show you exactly how to use each one!

These paracord accessories are designed to help you integrate lengths of paracord into your Every Day Carry (EDC) survival tools and clothing. As you probably know, paracord is an incredible survival resource. It has 7 inner strands which can be used as cordage and together with the outer sheath it has a tensile strength of 550 lbs. Great places to use paracord are:

  • Hoodie Drawstrings

  • Shoe/Boot Laces

  • Zipper Pulls

  • Phone/Camera Lanyards

This Paracord Accessories Kit includes the following:

  • 8 SHOELACE AGLETS: These can be clamped onto the ends of paracord to make very polished shoe or boot laces. These are metal with a matte black finish and printed with NOT IF BUT WHEN.

  • 4 BARREL CORD ENDS: These are perfect for the ends of hoodie strings and replace the notion of simply tying a big knot.

  • 4 ALLIGATOR ZIPPER PULLS: These are used to create a loop of paracord that can be used as a zipper pull or something similar. One clip makes 1 zipper pull.

  • 2 SURVIVAL WHISTLE ZIPPER PULLS: These 2-piece accessories not only make a great zipper pull, but also double as an EDC Survival Whistle. Use these on your favorite jacket, Bug Out Bag or Day Pack.

Consider picking up some PARAPOCALYPSE Cord that has an inner strand of fire starting cord. This is great to use because you can always have some fire starting tinder - even in a small zipper pull - just in case. Here’s an amazon link to see it:

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