Mini Bow Sen Bundle (Micro Survival Bow Making Tool)

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Mini Bow Sen Bundle (Micro Survival Bow Making Tool)



This is the only pocket sized micro tool I am aware of that has all of the functions to build a Survival-Style Bow & Arrow.

Originally designed as a part of the Aboriginal Woodshop Tool Kit for APOCABOX Subscribers (sold as a complete kit here for $99.00:, we are fire-saling excess inventory of just this one tool.

This tool was hand-forged from A36 CARB by the talented Blacksmiths at Reptile Toolworks in Kentucky.

The Japanese SEN is a tool that was used to carve out the cavity in the wooden sheaths for Samurai Swords. This tool has been adapted from the SEN to incorporate several other functions, making it a fantastic little survival bow making tool that can easily fit in the pal of your hand. These include a chisel, a draw knife, a crooked knife, an arrow scraper, and a rasp file. With these 5 tools, a bow and set of arrows can be built from the wild.

The Mini Bow Sen comes with a wooden handle that is predrilled so that the tool can be fitted like a standard crooked knife or mounted horizontally like a micro draw knife for removing material. A larger handle can easily be sourced from the wild if one wishes to reduce bulk by not carrying the included wooden one. The push-tang of the Mini Bow Sen can be sharpened to serve as a self-drilling awl as well. The back of the Mini Bow Sen has been tooled to serve as a small rasp for sanding or filing the notches for the string in the bow or the nocks in the arrows.

THE BUNDLE: ALL for $7.99!

This exclusive Mini Bow Sen Bundle includes:

  • A36 CARB Mini Bow Sen 5-function tool

  • Mini Bow Sen Predrilled Handle (for using as crooked knife or draw knife)

  • DAY ZERO BOW BUILDING GUIDE: An illustrated guide for building 6 survival bows, including a Bow made from a shipping pallet!

  • Pocket Field Sharpening Stone

*NOTE: Ever Mini Bow Sen is a little different, as they are all hand-forged.

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