Crushable Pack Boonie

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Crushable Pack Boonie

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The Crushable Pack Boonie is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. At only 6 ounces, it is virtually unnoticed while stashed away in a pack or jacket pocket.  It crushes up to the size of a fist for easy storage.

A poly/cotton blend, these Pack Boonies are fast to dry when saturated, yet are quite good at repelling water as well.  The wide brim is perfect for shading eyes and neck or repelling rain and snow.  Metal vents along the sides keep the head cool in warm weather and allow air flow.

Each Pack Boonie is finished with loop webbing for clipping kit items or inserting natural foliage for increased camouflage.  The adjustable chin strap with leather slide keep it in place during high winds or when riding equipment.

At this liquidation price, every Bug Out Bag, Camping Pack, Hiking Jacket and Car Glove Box should have a Pack Boonie just in case.  Extremely limited stock available.

Hat Size Chart Below.  To measure your head circumference, wrap a string around your head where you'd like for your hat to be seated.  The length of that string is your head circumference.

21 1/4" Head Circumference:  Size:6 3/4

21 5/8" Head Circumference:  Size: 6 7/8

22" Head Circumference:  Size: 7

22 3/8" Head Circumference:  Size: 7-1/8

22 3/4" Head Circumference:  Size: 7-1/4

23 1/8" Head Circumference:  Size: 7 3/8

23 1/2" Head Circumference:  Size: 7 1/2

23 7/8" Head Circumference:  Size: 7 5/8

24 1/4" Head Circumference:  Size: 7 3/4

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