Creek's Prototype Kukri

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Creek's Prototype Kukri

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About 6 years ago I started the process of building my own knife brand.  It all started with a Kukri style blade.  I've been enamored with the Kukri for many years and always wanted a smaller Kukri to take into the woods, rather than a large machete-style blade.  Because of this, I chose the Kukri as the knife in my own brand of knives.  When I initially sourced prototypes for this smaller Kukri, I decided to look in the place of the Kukri's origin - the Near East.  I ultimately imported around 60 blades (some in Damascus steel and some in straight Carbon Steel) as prototypes for testing.  They are all beautiful knives with really unique filing detail along the spine.  The Damascus steel is gorgeous and the photos below just don't do it justice.

After much debate and consideration, I decided I wanted to have my knives forged here in the United States.  I ultimately partnered with a fantastic Blacksmith out of Kentucky and we developed what would eventually become my line of Whiskey Knives and the small Kukri would be called the Whiskey Corvid.  This is just the process of product development.  You start in one place and end up somewhere else.

Several years later, after the dust from the launch of my Whiskey Knife line settled, I still had a big box of prototypes that I had made in the beginning stages of development and testing.  Most of them I am keeping in my personal collection, but because I have so many of the original imported Kukris, I have decided to let them go at a deep discount and make my first offering here at Survival on the 7th.  If I don't sell them all here, the remainder will go on for at least double my sale price in this initial offering.  Below are the knife details:

  • Overall Length: 12 inches
  • Blade Length: 7 inches
  • Blade Thickness: 3/8 inch
  • Handle scales:  Red/Maroon Micarta
  • Decorative filing detail on spine (this throws a wicked spark on a ferro rod)
  • Each knife includes a black kydex sheath (Made in USA) with paracord lacing.  Lacing can be changed to accommodate a variety of carry options.  It will arrive laced for belt carry on left side for a right-handed cross draw carry.
  • Limited stock prototypes
  • These knives do fit the Leather Corvid Voyager Sheath at if you're interested in a Leather sheath instead of Kydex

Because both styles of these blades contain carbon steel, they are susceptible to rust.  It is important that you apply a thin layer of oil (mineral oil is fine) to the blade at least once per year to prevent rust.  If a layer of rust does surface, it can easily and quickly be removed with steel wool.  The included kydex sheath requires no maintenance.

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