20-Piece Emergency Fire Starting Kit (< 75 available)

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20-Piece Emergency Fire Starting Kit (< 75 available)


We have < 75 of these kits available!

This 20-Piece Emergency Fire Starting Kit comes packed in a 7x9 MOLLE compatible zipper pouch. Your pouch will either be YELLOW, RED, OLIVE DRAB, or KHAKI. Sorry, you cannot choose the color.

Fire is without question one of the most important survival priorities. It can be used to regulate core body temperature, boil water, cook food, signal for rescue, and make tools. This is a kit that can be stuffed into any day pack, glove box, boat kit, SUV, 4-wheeler, snow mobile, or any other bag or vehicle that might be with you in the outdoors. With this kit, getting a fire started WILL NOT BE AN ISSUE.

This kit includes the following:

  • QTY 1: Raeth, Co. FERROSTRIKE: This 5/16”x3.15” Ferro-Rod with 1/4”x4” W1 Tool Steel Scraper sprays lightening-hot sparks on tinder with little effort.

  • QTY 1: INSTAFIRE: As featured on the hit show, Shark Tank, this military grade fire-starting wonder is truly a perfect fire kit addition. Each pack can light up to four fires! It's perfect for building campfires, lighting a wood-burning stove or fireplace, starting cooking fires, lighting charcoal grills and building a quick fire for emergency use. The unique qualities of this magic tinder are as follows: Lights wet wood (burns at nearly 1000 degrees), can withstand winds up to 30 mph, floats and burns on water, burns on snow, wont flare-up unexpectedly, 5-year shelf life, the pouch is waterproof, no harmful chemicals, safe to store near food (perfect for a Bug Out Bag), and the ash left behind from Instafire is a natural fertilizer.

  • QTY 1: Creek Stewart’s Pocket Field Guide MASTER THE BOW DRILL: This guide includes over 60 pages of details Bow Drill Friction Fire Illustrations and Instruction.

  • QTY 1: Wallet Fresnel Lens: This lens can be used to start a fire using the SUN!

  • QTY 2: 6x9 Heavy Duty Resealable waterproof tinder stuff bags.

  • QTY 1: Char Tin: This metal pocket sized hinged tin can be used to char natural materials to prepare for future fires.

  • QTY 4: 4” Char Ropes: These 4” pre-charred pieces of cotton rope can be used to accept a spark from a FERRO ROD or FLINT/STEEL to create an ember to blow into flame. These are packed in a waterproof resealable bag.

  • QTY 1: Puck Container of Magic Punky Dusk: Magic Punky Dust is hand processed punky wood that can be used as a solar ember material with the wallet sized fresnel lens.

  • QTY 4: Watertight Tinder Tubes: These plastic vials are perfect for packing extra fire tinder into your kit. They’re great for PET Balls, cotton swabs, waxed jute, or any other tinder that’s water sensitive.

  • QTY 3: 4” Jute Twine: This thick jute twine can be processed and pull apart to create a tinder bundle that can be used in conjunction with a solar ember or the sections of char rope to build a fire.

There is plenty of extra room in the MOLLE POUCH for building out this kit even more and adding in some of your own fire starting items. Even if you have an existing fire starting kit, this is a great unit to keep in an alternate place or give as a gift to a friend who is just getting started!

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