October 7th, 2018:  The “LOST” Australian Merino Wool Multi-Necker: $9.99 (Normally $19.99)

(Only 60 IN STOCK!)

The "LOST" Austrailian Merino Wool Multi-Necker
9.79 19.99

I (CREEK) had a batch of these custom hand-made Australian merino wool multi-neckers made a few years ago for a special APOCABOX project. They were awesome. I loved them and customers loved them. I was sad when our stock dwindled to just a few on-hand.

However, while Jake Wyld and I were cleaning up Willow Haven for my recent NONCON PACK book signing event, we found a FULL BOX of them tucked away under some other inventory. It was like Christmas!

While hugging and gently caressing each one of them, I decided they would make the PERFECT October Survival on the 7th blow-out product. I hate to let them go at this price, but I’d rather move them all at once than slowly over time.

NOTE: I’m keeping 6 of them for MYSELF and a few to give away as Christmas gifts this year!

This Australian merino wool multi-necker will be your new favorite necker as the season changes to fall and winter. I call it a “multi-necker” because it can be used in an infinite number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • necker

  • hat

  • wristband

  • headband

  • pot holder

  • wash cloth

  • face mask

  • make-shift debris mask

  • balaclava

  • hand warmer

  • sock

Merino wool is incredibly light-weight, but also very durable and warm. It won’t itch your face or neck, like standard wool. This truly is a luxurious survival fabric. This necker has plenty of stretch, so even if you have a BIG HEAD, don’t worry ;) I’ve worn mine for over 2-years and it still looks like the day I pulled it out of the box.

When it comes to washing, I always just toss it in with the whites (no bleach) and hang to dry.

Size: 20” long x 8” wide flat (very stretchy) (these are all hand-made so these measurements may vary slightly)

Material: Australian merino wool

Color: Cream

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