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April 7th, 2019:  iSHWASH Emergency Survival Eyewash

(< 250 IN STOCK)

iSHWASH Emergency Survival Eyewash

LESS THAN 250 in stock!

We have assorted colors of SAFETY YELLOW (shown), Olive Drab, and Mud Brown. Sorry, you do not get to pick the color.

The iSHWASH is the one first aid item EVERY Bug Out Bag or Emergency Survival First Aid Kit needs but hardly anyone has!  In fact, very few people have even heard of a product like this.

The iSHWASH allows you to quickly and safely rinse the eye if it becomes contaminated with any number of materials including dust, cleaners, ash, fuels, debris, liquids, and even PEPPER SPRAY.

“A must have first aid tool in the remote wilderness or when medical attention is unavailable or temporarily interrupted!”

Simply screw it on to almost any plastic water bottle and squeeze for a fast, sight-saving eye rinse!  Hardly any other product on the market provides such a quick, simple, and effective solution.

As you squeeze the water bottle, water shoots through the included flexible tube and into the body of the iSHWASH, which is pressed firmly over the eye. The water is guided through two channels that converge on the eye for a thorough and copious washing. Drain holes in the eye-socket-shaped housing allow waste water and contaminates to flow freely away as fresh water flushes the eye.

An iSHWASH should not only be included in emergency first aid kits but also home and work first aid kits for an immediate eye washing solution.

For penetrating corneal injuries or severe eye trauma, it is important to see an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon).  However, in the field you can make a temporary eye shield to protect the eye by taping the iSHWASH over the eye to protect it.


  • Made from durable plastic materials

  • Used by paramedics, law enforcement, and military personal all over the globe to flush eyes of contaminates.

  • Fits almost any plastic water bottle.

  • Eye-socket-shaped housing.

  • Blister packaging.

For additional information/learning about disaster and survival eyecare, read this article on my blog at :

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